[Mono-dev] Is it currently possible to achieve this in Moonlight?

Joe Sheil joeylad at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 11:09:31 EDT 2008

Hi Moonlight community,

Im planning to do a simple video editing application and ive been looking at
using VLC perhaps, but i think its going to be tough... then i looked at the
possibility to use silverlight, big problem that there is no
savefiledialog... so im considering moonlight. i basically need the
following features :-

i. to open a file on the FileSystem( what video files does moonlight
support? WMV and ffmpeg? )
ii. play back that file through the software
iii. slow down play back, bonus: reverse and speed it up by n-times
iv. seek, forward and backward.
v. cut sections of the file( ie crop a file... maybe a 1 minute movie but u
want only 10 seconds)
vi. save the cropped clip to the FileSystem

im no expert on moonlight, and to be honest i hardly know anything at all
about it maybe you can be of some guidance to me??

kind regards
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