[Mono-dev] Tuner fails on Windows when MS.NET is in PATH

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 15:23:33 EDT 2008


Tuner fails on Windows when MS.NET is in PATH because it loads mscorlib.dll 
from MS.NET that cannot be used by Mono. This breaks the build.

I was unable to find out what the problem.


Command line:
/mono/mono/runtime/mono-wrapper  --debug ../linker/monolinker.exe -d 
../../class/lib/net_2_1_raw -o ../../class
/lib/net_2_1 -l none -c link -a smcs -b true -m display_internalized 
alse  -x Descriptors/mscorlib.xml -x Descriptors/smcs.xml -x 
Descriptors/System.xml -s Mon
o.Tuner.InjectAttributes,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s 
Mono.Tuner.AdjustVisibility,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s 
Mono.Tuner.PrintStatus,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s Mono.Tune
r.RemoveSerialization,Mono.Tuner:OutputStep -s 
Mono.Tuner.CheckVisibility,Mono.Tuner -i 
masterinfos/silverlight/mscorlib.info -i masterinfos/silverlight/System.
info -i masterinfos/silverlight/System.Net.info -i 
masterinfos/silverlight/System.Core.info -i 

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