[Mono-dev] Moonlight on Mac PowerPC

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Apr 7 12:10:43 EDT 2008


> Is there any information regarding support for Mac PowerPCs? Based on
> the Silverlight 2.0 information it seems like Ms will not support it.

Mono supports Macs with PowerPC and it should be easy to port the
Moonlight engine to PowerPC.

The only complication is to write the browser plugin.   Currently our
plugin in a few places uses Mozilla-specific APIs to communicate with
the browser and that would have to be modified to do this on a
per-browser basis.

Today we only support Mozilla, but we would love if people sent us
patches to support other web browsers (and we are definitely interested
in supporting WebKit, as its a growing force in the open source world).

But why wait for us to do it, when you can get your hands dirty and
anticipate the future by starting coding now? ;-)


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