[Mono-dev] [MonoDevelop] Soc 2008 idea: Universal graphical Framwork

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Apr 7 12:06:59 EDT 2008


> Something like that is what I've been thinking with MonoHotDraw [1].
> After talking with some people in the #monosoc channel, I came to the
> conclusion that the best way would be to port MonoHotDraw to run on
> the top of Moonlight (currently It runs over Gtk#/Cario).

Although that is our wish, the only problem today with this approach is
that we currently do not distribute Moonlight (we have not yet done a
tarball) and that we change the API every once in a while.

Long-term, this is where we want to be, but there is a bit of pain
involved in the meantime.

> I'm planing to submit two proposals for GSoC. One is a Class Designer
> for MonoDevelop (actually, this one is already submmited, if you are a
> mentor, you could start making comments and suggestions). The other
> one is for make some improvements to Lunar Eclipse, the XAML editor.
> In both cases my plan is to build a reusable framework for writing
> graphical editors that use structured graphics. There are plenty of
> cool stuff that could be made with a framework such that:

My personal preference is to improve LunarEclipse as we have invested
some time on it, and its deeply needed to have a full open source stack
to do XAML development. 

You have the expertise, and I would very much would like to use that
expertise to turn LunarEclipse into a tool we can all use.   Later on,
we can work on improving the class designer.

I love the work that you did with MonoHotDraw.

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