[Mono-dev] System.Messaging: Anyone currently working on this?

M. David Peterson xmlhacker at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 01:06:04 EDT 2007

Hi All,

As per the subject line, is anyone currently working on the
System.Messagingimplementation at present time?  As per
http://www.mono-project.com/SystemMessaging it seems things are stagnant,
though I don't want to assume anything.  Of course, looking through the
source it seems there's is quite a bit of work left to do, thus confirming
the info on the above link.  This is an area in which my company has a very
specific need to address in both the short and long term.  We've started and
actually completed a fairly straight forward message queue written in Python
but have quickly discovered it isn't going to scale to our ongoing needs.
We're still exploring various options, but keep coming back to the same
conclusion: If we're going to get out of it what we want, gaining the
performance that we need, we need to write it ourselves.  Direct integration
with the .NET platform is a driving factor as well.

It seems that if we're going to roll our own we should do so in such a way
as to benefit the broadest base of folks possible, using an existing and
proven API in the process.  While obviously more than just a message queue,
System.Messaging meets each and every one of our needs.  In this regard it
seems it would be best to place focus on building out the
System.Messagingimplementation in Mono.

My guess is that our first step would be to check out the code and start
hacking on it until such time as it seems worth pointing people at for
further evaluation.



M. David Peterson
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