[Mono-dev] C bindings VS C++ bindings (Gtk# vs. Kimono?)

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Wed Sep 26 15:04:25 EDT 2007

Hi Arno,

Do you know what will be the costs for commercial use??

Also, do you have plans to support MacOS and Solaris? If so, when?



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> Hi,
> I'm one of the Qyoto devs and have just come across this thread.
> First off, I'm glad that even companies consider Qyoto an option for the 
> by now and that quite some people have heard about it.
> To be honest, we haven't tested Qyoto on Windows yet, but it should work
> pretty flawlessly. On Linux and Mac OS X at least it works well. GUI's are
> designed with the normal Qt Designer. Code can be generated with the
> resulting .ui files and a program called 'uics'.
> For the licensing: we can use a dual-license model for Qyoto/Kimono, like 
> it's
> done with PyQt and Qt itself: GPL for open-source apps, QPL-like for 
> closed
> source.
> For theming: Qt uses the native API on Windows/Mac as far as possible, so 
> the
> look and feel is native.
> The API of Qt is also quite stable throughout a major version, but some 
> minor
> things might change from time to time.
> To do some advertising: Qt does not only offer a GUI Toolkit, but also 
> some
> other interesting features like SQL handling, SVG support, OpenGL support,
> D-BUS support (one feature of D-BUS is a bit buggy on Qyoto, though),
> Networking and more.
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