[Mono-dev] run-time errors with core dumped in console database app

Abir Bhattacharya abirb at 2pirad.com
Wed Sep 26 00:36:33 EDT 2007

Pls look into the following :

1. have you registered the MySql.Data.dll using the GacUtil utility.

2. try using the IDBConnection , maybe you can refer to
http://www.mono-project.com/MySQL for additional help


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Subject: [Mono-dev] run-time errors with core dumped in console database app

I have written simple console program reading data from MySQL database. The
problem is that I receive run-time errors with core dumped.
Here's my program:

using System;
using MySql.Data.MySqlClient;
namespace TestMono
        class MainClass
                public static void Main(string[] args)
                        const string ConnStr =
                        using (MySqlConnection conn = new
                        using (MySqlCommand cmd = new MySqlCommand(
                                        "SELECT d.Name Department, e.Name
Employee" +
                                        "FROM departments d INNER JOIN
employees e ON d.DepartmentId = e.DepartmentId "          
                                        + "WHERE e.FireDate IS NULL;",
                                using (MySqlDataReader dr =
                                        while (dr.Read())
Console.WriteLine(dr["Department"].ToString(), " - ",

Here's database structure:

Table 'employees':
| Field        | Type        | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
| EmployeeId   | int(11)     | NO   | PRI | NULL    | auto_increment |
| Name         | varchar(40) | NO   |     |         |                |
| DepartmentId | int(11)     | NO   | MUL |         |                |
| FireDate     | date        | YES  |     | NULL    |                |
Table 'departments':
| Field        | Type        | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
| DepartmentId | int(11)     | NO   | PRI | NULL    | auto_increment |
| Name         | varchar(30) | NO   |     |         |                |

Finally, here's output:

** (/home/robert/Projects/TestMono/TestMono/bin/Debug/TestMono.exe:6855):
WARNING **: The following assembly referenced from
/home/robert/Projects/TestMono/TestMono/bin/Debug/MySql.Data.dll could not
be loaded:
     Assembly:   System.Transactions    (assemblyref_index=4)
     Public Key: b77a5c561934e089
The assembly was not found in the Global Assembly Cache, a path listed in
the MONO_PATH environment variable, or in the location of the executing
assembly (/home/robert/Projects/TestMono/TestMono/bin/Debug).
** (/home/robert/Projects/TestMono/TestMono/bin/Debug/TestMono.exe:6855):
WARNING **: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Transactions,
Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' or one of
its dependencies.
Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
used by your application.
Native stacktrace:
        mono(mono_handle_native_sigsegv+0xde) [0x815644e]
        mono [0x8122c88]
        mono [0x8096ffe]
        mono(mono_class_vtable+0xc8) [0x80972a8]
        mono [0x8127c50]
        mono [0x813e6d0]
        mono [0x8140f06]
        mono [0x8142791]
        mono [0x8142c2b]
        mono(mono_runtime_exec_main+0x62) [0x80996b2]
        mono(mono_runtime_run_main+0x1b9) [0x8099999]
        mono(mono_main+0xe47) [0x805d477]
        mono [0x805c122]
        /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xdc) [0xb7d958cc]
        mono [0x805c071]
Aborted (core dumped)

I have copied MySql.Data.dll to GAC and I added reference to copy of
MySql.Data.dll in the project. I don't understand the problem of
System.Transactions because I had no problems with setup of Mono.
Could you help me please?
Thank you!
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