[Mono-dev] error compiling mod_mono 1.2.5 with apache 1.3

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Tue Sep 25 16:58:41 EDT 2007

César González wrote:
> I am trying to compile mod_mono 1.2.5 with apache 1.3.34 on debian etch. 
> Configure scripts detects apache 1.3 on ends up with the following report :
> In file included from mod_mono.c:35:
> mod_mono.h:55:21: error: apr_shm.h: No such file or directory
> mod_mono.h:58:19: error: unixd.h: No such file or directory
> Does mod_mono 1.2.5 supports apache 1.3?

Apparently not anymore. :)

You should try #ifdef'ing things until it works. When I was first 
testing the recent changes involving shm's and unixd.h and hit problems, 
I patched mod_mono in a few places to make it work without those new 
things in effect, so it should (or almost) be possible to just #ifdef 
out the parts that rely on Apache 2.

To start with, in mod_mono.h, move the block that #includes those 
headers down into the #else block that executes only for !APACHE13. In 
mod_mono.c, you will also probably have to add an #ifndef block in 
ensure_dashboard_initialized around the whole body of the method.

If you try that, post how it turns out.

- Josh Tauberer


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