[Mono-dev] Linq sample?

Kamil Skalski kamil.skalski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 11:04:04 EDT 2007

2007/9/25, pablosantosluac <pablosantosluac at terra.es>:
> Hi,
> Well, I've just tried some simple tests yet, but I'd say performance is
> awsome... I mean, searching in an array of 120 Million objects, using about
> 1GB RAM looking for a simple query checking a couple of properties needed
> only 185ms to finish!!!
> Doing it iteratively (looping through the array) took 284ms against 3 in a
> 12Million array (linq is faster!).

After getting such results I would guess there is some problem with
the benchmark. You could post it here, so we can look at it. Such
results are hardly possible, since linq is mostly just a layer about
the standard search code, so it should never actually run faster
(unless we speak about some complex Linq to SQL stuff involving code
generation etc.).

Kamil Skalski

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