[Mono-dev] RichTextBox scrollinfo

Sir Moon sirmoonhaslosthismind at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 22:52:21 EDT 2007

A very simple, but highly important piece of functionality missing
from the .NET spec for a RichTextBox - there is no way to determine
which portion of the document is currently scrolled into view.  Before
appending new messages to the RichTextBox, my application queries
Win32 for the current scroll offset.  If the control is scrolled to
the bottom, I scroll my new message into view after I append it.  If
it's not, I don't mess with the scroll position so as not to disrupt
the user's work.

Is there any means of accomplishing this simple task in Mono without
rewriting the whole GUI?  (Implied here is that I wouldn't get the
resources to perform such an exhaustive rewrite just to support a
platform that only 1% of our customers use... but I've seen firsthand
that the experience is simply infuriating without this feature since
the user spends most of their time working with this RichTextBox and
new messages are appended frequently.)

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