[Mono-dev] C bindings VS C++ bindings (Gtk# vs. Kimono?)

Brandon Perry brandon at thresholdofthought.com
Fri Sep 21 10:53:50 EDT 2007

The bugs were in the bindings, but I haven't run into them lately (it is
also quite possibly faults of my own). I use the QT Designer, it is
On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 16:49 +0200, "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]"
> Brandon Perry escribió:
> > I much prefer the Qyoto/Kimono bindings for cross-platform because of
> > it's elegance and it looks much better IMHO on Windows than Gtk#. I
> > haven't run into /too many/ bugs (just a couple, they might have even
> > been resolved by now) with the Qyoto/Kimono bindings. Those are really
> > the only reasons why I prefer Qyoto/Kimono over Gtk#.
> Thanks for your answer.
> Those bugs you found, have to be fixed upstream (Qt) or on the binding 
> itself?
> BTW, what do you use for creating interfaces with Kimono? Do you use a 
> general QT designer that generates XML that can be consumed by any 
> binding? (If not, we have here an advantage for Gtk#: Stetic in MD.)
> Regards,
> 	Andrés	[ knocte ]

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