[Mono-dev] C bindings VS C++ bindings (Gtk# vs. Kimono?)

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Fri Sep 21 10:27:36 EDT 2007

I've come to know that Qyoto/Kimono bindings are automatically generated 
from C++ sources. I'm not sure about Gtk# process but I guess it's 
semi-automatic, based on something called GAPI, right? My guess is based 
on the fact that currently many bugs are still being solved on this 
binding. Are these bug a consequence of dealing with a C binding instead 
of an automatic C++ one?

We are planning on creating new programs in our company that deal on top 
of stable and multiplatform libraries. We have discarded WinForms 
because it's not mature enough on Mono, and because it still depends a 
bit on Microsoft (it's not in the ECMA spec), but now we must decide 
between Kimono or Gtk# (wx.NET is not claimed to be used for many people 
in the community to be considered an option, and because it's UI is not 
consistent across all OSs).

What factual arguments would you arise for this decision? (Remember, we 
want stability, maintainability[3], and portability[1], and we don't 
want a Gnome VS KDE flamewar. Thanks)

[1] This means that the fact that recent Gtk+/Gtk# bugs[2] on Windows 
have not attracted much attention, is not a good indicative for us to 
focus on Gtk# but rather on Kimono.
[2] Because of these bugs, there have been people that even had 
"community builds" of Gtk# 2.10 for Windows, and we don't want to depend 
on that stability.
[3] There also have been some posts from Aaron Bockover regarding some 
intricacies about GTK Themes strange behaviours. Do you know if QT 
themes are much more elegant and bugless?

Thanks in advance,

	Andrés	[ knocte ]

P.S. I am not claiming that I have any idea at all about the technical 
details of this issue. I am just here for learning, so please, send any 
corrections you have. Thanks.


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