[Mono-dev] Register my own stock items with Gtk#

David Arnaud-Goddet david.goddet at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 09:52:40 EDT 2007


Hi all,

I would like to create my own StockItem with Gtk#.
In fact I develop a menu with ImageItemMenu and I would like to add my own
Stock Item in it.
I have already used those built-in to Gtk# without problem but when I try to
create StockItem, I just obtain the StockId string!
I do that :

        //Stock Item Print (built-in Gtk#) which works without problem
        group = new AccelGroup ();
        ImageMenuItem print_item = new ImageMenuItem( Stock.Print, group);

        //Here I try to create my own StockItem
        IconFactory iconFact = new IconFactory();
        IconSource iconSource = new IconSource();
        iconSource.Filename = "myIcone.ico";
        IconSet iconSet = new IconSet();

        StockItem myStock = new StockItem("myStockId","FTP",1,
        iconFact.Add(myStock.StockId ,iconSet);

        Menu menu_send = new Menu();
        ImageMenuItem send_item = new ImageMenuItem(myStock.StockId,grup);

There is somebody who had already create his own StockItem?

Thanks in advance

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