[Mono-dev] Warnings in mono 1.2.5

Michał Ziemski rook at roo.k.pl
Mon Sep 3 03:12:42 EDT 2007


I am running a vanilla mono 1.2.5 on Suse 10.0.
My app (Amazon S3 backup utility) occasionally (like 1 in 20 runs) 
produces warnings:

WARNING **: _wapi_thread_abandon_mutexes: error looking up thread handle 0x408
WARNING **: _wapi_thread_set_termination_details: error looking up thread handle (nil)

Despite the warnings, app works fine.
My app mostly uses synchronous HttpWebRequests, no threading.

Any ideas what might be the cause?
I considered filing a bug, but I cannot provide any simpe testcase yet,
so I decided to ask here first.

Michał Ziemski

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