[Mono-dev] Mono version numbering

Jerry van Leeuwen Jerry_van_Leeuwen at nemmco.com.au
Mon Oct 29 19:33:44 EDT 2007

I think the only way to minimise confusion in the developer population 
that does not keep up-to-date with the details of development on Mono is 
to let at least the major version track full .NET compatibility. That is, 
do not move to v2.x.x until at least .NET 2.0 can be fully supported, do 
not move to v3.x.x until at least .NET 3.0 can be fully supported and 
maybe even do not move to v3.5.x until .NET 3.5 is supported.

People that are aware of what is really going on under the hood will be 
able to make more detailed judgement calls and will not really care what 
version numbering you exactly use. It's the people that do not glance 
further than the version number that need to be accomodated.
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