[Mono-dev] .net library shared source

Dennis Hayes denisraytek at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 3 21:26:55 EDT 2007

This source is released under the "reference" licesen.
  You can look at it, but not modify it or use it in anyother way.
  They have relesed the code for the Windows OS under this licesens for a few years now, but not on such a wide scale (only to big IS dept).
  So from the Mono view point, this indeed changes nothing.

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>Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 00:53:31 +0200
>From: Tinco Andringa 
>Subject: [Mono-dev] .net library shared source
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>Hey guys,
>Have you read this?
>How will this affect the mono project? Will we able to use it to make the >framework match more to microsoft's or is it information we already have >(from the spec)?

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