[Mono-dev] some questions abt xsp2

Daniel Nauck dna at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Wed Nov 21 13:58:14 EST 2007


Marek Habersack schrieb:
> On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 23:37:46 +0530, "Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui"
> <safknw at gmail.com> scribbled:
> Hello,
>> xsp2 is a really nice small web server . I like it for its ease of use. For
>> me it just works. configuring mod_mono is quite tedious task.xsp2 is more
>> useful in intranet scenarios.
>> I have few questions abt xsp2
>>    - Should I choose xsp2 over mod_mono? atleast for asp.net site. If no
>>    then Why?
> You should choose Apache over xsp. The reason is that xsp, as you've yourself
> noted above, is a small, simple server. All it does (when used as a "frontend"
> server) is to support the smallest possible subset of the HTTP 1.0 protocol,
> enough to pass data from the ASP.NET runtime to the browser. It doesn't support
> load balancing, chunking, HTTP 1.1, virtual hosts and much more.

You can also use xsp2 and configure any webserver to redirect the
request to xsp2 with a proxy. for example Apache's mod_proxy or better
lighttpd's mod_proxy.


>>    - what are the plans for xsp2 ?
> Well, it stays around and gets improved - if that's what you ask :)
>>    - did fastcgi is supported on xsp2 ?
> It is with 1.2.6 release.
>>    - Any plan integrate it with Monodevelop like MS has does in VS?
> That's a question for the MonoDevelop hackers, but I guess it would be as easy
> as spawning the server from within the IDE (it could also be linked into the
> IDE, since bulk of the server is a class library that implements the
> necessary functionality)
> best regards,
> marek
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