[Mono-dev] some questions abt xsp2

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On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 23:37:46 +0530, "Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui"
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> xsp2 is a really nice small web server . I like it for its ease of use. For
> me it just works. configuring mod_mono is quite tedious task.xsp2 is more
> useful in intranet scenarios.
> I have few questions abt xsp2
>    - Should I choose xsp2 over mod_mono? atleast for asp.net site. If no
>    then Why?
You should choose Apache over xsp. The reason is that xsp, as you've yourself
noted above, is a small, simple server. All it does (when used as a "frontend"
server) is to support the smallest possible subset of the HTTP 1.0 protocol,
enough to pass data from the ASP.NET runtime to the browser. It doesn't support
load balancing, chunking, HTTP 1.1, virtual hosts and much more.

>    - what are the plans for xsp2 ?
Well, it stays around and gets improved - if that's what you ask :)

>    - did fastcgi is supported on xsp2 ?
It is with 1.2.6 release.

>    - Any plan integrate it with Monodevelop like MS has does in VS?
That's a question for the MonoDevelop hackers, but I guess it would be as easy
as spawning the server from within the IDE (it could also be linked into the
IDE, since bulk of the server is a class library that implements the
necessary functionality)

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