[Mono-dev] [PATCH]: Rewrite instruction list handling.

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Nov 15 08:09:27 EST 2007

On 11/15/07 David Miller wrote:
> All it takes is someone able to test my patch on those remaining
> platforms and about an hour of developer time to weed out any
> regressions.

I'm just saying that waiting for that is likely going to take
several days, as we don't have the power to force contributors of,
say, the alpha, hppa and mips ports to do the needed testing.
And in the meantime you risk having to deal with any merge conflicts
that arise with such a large patch.

> I disagree that adding a 'prev' field is the way to implement these
> changes especially since I've done all the work already.

Changing your code to use the existing next field and adding a prev
field should be a minimal change and it wouldn't require all the
architectures to be updated at once, so we could commit it sooner.
If you don't have time for that, I could look at it as my time permits.


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