[Mono-dev] Returning a remote object reference from a remoteprocedure

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Fri May 18 01:35:53 EDT 2007

Hi Michael,

Yes, it is possible, but there are some minor problems: if the object is 
composed by some sort of array, it must be initialized before invoking the 
method. Yes, I know this shouldn't be necessary, but if you do it the system 
won't fail... So, remember to initialize all the arrays and it will work... 
Maybe the same happens for objects too...

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I have been toying with remoting on Mono today.
It seems it is not possible for a remote procedure to return any object
This results in a crash in the client app.
Is this already supported in Mono?

I have posted a bug report (with a small test case) under #81653.

Michał Ziemski

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