[Mono-dev] Returning a remote object reference from a remote procedure

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu May 17 14:38:03 EDT 2007

Michał Ziemski wrote:
> /* Sorry if this is double post. I've had some problems with the 
> previous post */
> Hi!
> I have been toying with remoting on Mono today.
> It seems it is not possible for a remote procedure to return any object 
> reference.
> This results in a crash in the client app.
> Is this already supported in Mono?

It is, but there seems to be a problem either in IpcChannel
or in its underlying implementation Mono.Remoting.Channels.Unix.
Since the code is running fine on Mono/Win32, the bug is rather
in the latter component.

You can use a TCP channel instead, until someone has fixed this bug.


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