[Mono-dev] Planning: Mono version numbers.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat May 12 13:04:48 EDT 2007

>       * I think it would be better if we develop 3.0 components
>         (wpf,wcf,wwf,..) as plugin or addin for mono not as integrated
>         part of it.

That is how its done already:


>       * we should have bi-monthly status report of status.

The release notes are roughly every 6-8 weeks, so this should be good
enough as a status report.

>       * We should have status page (updated monthly) which targeted
>         to .net developers (specially non-mono), which show status API
>         status, with small summery, which states which things are not
>         complete. 

Am not sure that API status pages are useful, Moma is probably a better
tool to explain what is missing and what is not:


>       * A guide for porting MS .net application to Mono.

I agree, it would be lovely to have these.   

>       * We should focus more MS .net developer

I agree, but it is difficult to focus on them when so much stuff remains
to be implemented before we have a complete solution for them. 


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