[Mono-dev] Patch for Math.cs and MathTest.cs

Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
Fri Mar 16 06:40:34 EDT 2007

Locale.GetText ("The value '" + mode + "' is not valid for this usage of the
type MidpointRounding.")

That is not going to work, because you would have to localize every possible
concatenated string combination. Moreover tools wouldn't be able to extract
the neccessary string data.

If there is no problem with recursive calls you can use String.Format.




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Betreff: [Mono-dev] Patch for Math.cs and MathTest.cs

    Added Locale.GetText to all strings.
    Rearranged Rounding with MidPoint to minimize compairs, and to clean up
a bit.
    Added quite a few new tests for rounding, including test for
    the 2.0 rounding with midpoint.
    It also incudes new test for veryfing bad enum execptions.
    6 of the test are commented out because they fail.
    3 fail because they have not been implmented.
    1 fails due to a know rounding error already in bugzilla (new
    test to exercise bug 60227 & 63902 should return 3.45, not
     2 fail for what looks like a different error. 
//fails. Should return 2.6, but actualy returns 2.5
//AssertEquals("Decmial Rounding toEven", 2.6D , Math.Round(2.55D, 1));
Bug 60227 covers a number of rounding errors, it was not clear of it
included this one or not.
If these are good, please check them it. Otherwise let me know what is


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