[Mono-dev] OpenDental running on Linux

Frederik Carlier frederik.carlier at carlier-online.be
Tue Mar 13 06:35:30 EDT 2007

You'll need Mono 1.2.3 and most likely Mono from SVN. Try to get
yourself familiar with building mono from SVN on your Linux computer.

I would advise against prj2make. Try NAnt instead. It has the benefit of
helping cross-platform build: you can use the same build script on both
Linux and Windows. That's a huge advantage.


Jordan Sparks schreef:
> I'm the main developer of Open Dental Software, www.open-dent.com.  I've
> been talking about porting it to Linux for 4 years, and now is the time.  I
> have developed it as a C# WinForms program in VS 2005.  I ran the Moma
> utility, and the list of necessary changes looks nice and short (eight
> missing methods) since I purposely avoided using WinForms 2.0 classes.  So I
> compiled from VS, and then copied all the files over to my Linux computer in
> usr/local/opendental/ .  I'm using SUSE 10.2, which has Mono 1.1.18 on it.
> Then, when I run "mono OpenDental.exe", I get this error:
> System.Windows.Forms version could not be loaded, etc.
> I thought maybe it was one of the issues that Moma was warning me about.  So
> I fixed the four that would have happened during startup.  Didn't help.  Did
> I launch wrong or something?
> I'm going to do my very best to not send any unnecessary emails to this
> list, and only ask for help when I'm totally stumped.  While I'm waiting for
> an answer, I'm going to go install Prj2Make# and try it from that angle.
> Thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to help enlighten me.
> Jordan Sparks
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