[Mono-dev] OpenDental running on Linux

Jonathan Chambers joncham at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 22:58:15 EDT 2007

Hi Jordan,
     Source code would be helpful here (I think you are using an svn server
somewhere...). If Moma is correct, then you should be able to run on mono
with little effort. I would suggest installing the latest mono 1.2.3, and
giving it another go. If you're problems were mainly winforms related, they
may be fixed as a *ton* of progress was made between 1.1.18 and the current

The error you pasted below is not really helpful. Normally some more
description is given if a particular method/class is missing. If it can't
find the 2.0 System.Windows.Forms assembly at all, perhaps the 2.0 profile
is not installed (this seems very unlikely).

Beyond that, the source to your app (or a link to some binaries) is probably
required for additional help. BTW, if you need 'lightweight help' and don't
to send an email you could try the IRC channels (
http://www.mono-project.com/IRC). Particularly #mono-winforms may be useful
to you.


On 3/12/07, Jordan Sparks <jsparks at free-dental.com> wrote:
> I'm the main developer of Open Dental Software, www.open-dent.com.  I've
> been talking about porting it to Linux for 4 years, and now is the
> time.  I
> have developed it as a C# WinForms program in VS 2005.  I ran the Moma
> utility, and the list of necessary changes looks nice and short (eight
> missing methods) since I purposely avoided using WinForms 2.0 classes.  So
> I
> compiled from VS, and then copied all the files over to my Linux computer
> in
> usr/local/opendental/ .  I'm using SUSE 10.2, which has Mono 1.1.18 on it.
> Then, when I run "mono OpenDental.exe", I get this error:
> System.Windows.Forms version could not be loaded, etc.
> I thought maybe it was one of the issues that Moma was warning me
> about.  So
> I fixed the four that would have happened during startup.  Didn't
> help.  Did
> I launch wrong or something?
> I'm going to do my very best to not send any unnecessary emails to this
> list, and only ask for help when I'm totally stumped.  While I'm waiting
> for
> an answer, I'm going to go install Prj2Make# and try it from that angle.
> Thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to help enlighten me.
> Jordan Sparks
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