[Mono-dev] Porting to OpenMoko

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at slide.com
Wed Jul 18 05:19:48 EDT 2007

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>>     Since we are not hardware hackers, we will only be getting the  
>> basic
>> model, which is branded as "Application Developer Platform" and is  
>> 150
>> dollars cheaper too.

I ordered my 'Basic' yesterday, and am anxiously awaiting it's  
arrival. In the meantime I'd like to get started with setting up a  
development that requires as little actual testing on the device as  
possible, i.e. using it as a last sanity check once something works  
virtualized (or if something doesn't, make sure it at least works in  
OpenMoko on the device)

Have any of you gotten a QEMU or Xoo-based OM environment setup to  
cross-compile for ARM? If so, any caveats (especially on Feisty  
Fawn)? I'm currently fighting Qemu's refusal to accept SDL on the  
system, so past that, tips on building OpenMoko QEMU images would be  
especially helpful (or posting the images themselves!)

I'll admit my laziness here, but I'd prefer not to fight up the same  
hill if one of you has :) The faster we can get Mono working on the  
device, the faster I can get a groovy Sansa-like interface working ;)

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