[Mono-dev] Porting to OpenMoko

jae jaebird at coolaccess.net
Sun Jul 15 14:01:07 EDT 2007

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>     Just an update on the situation:
>> Sounds great! Are you thinking it'll be worth chipping out for the
>> advanced set with the debug board as well for Mono/Moonlight
>> development? Or might the ability to hack on the single (Neo Basic)
>> phone be enough? Just curious, they had me at "black carrying case" 
>     Since we are not hardware hackers, we will only be getting the basic
> model, which is branded as "Application Developer Platform" and is 150
> dollars cheaper too.
> Miguel.

Several of us on our team are purchasing the Neo SH1. One reason is to
port a portion of our C# app to the handheld device. We too are in a big
company, so I just bought it personally :) "Free your phone" We are just
buying the basic version, the debug board is for folks messing with the
bootloader. (We may try to get one to share in case anybody bricks
theirs). I'm glad that folks here are already looking at mono for openmoko.



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