[Mono-dev] monodocs2html help with source

Pedro Sobota pedro at sobota.net
Tue Feb 27 08:00:25 EST 2007


I'm trying to get monodocs2html to run from source on my machine. As a
first try on contributing to Mono, I'm looking to make it so the
hyperlink generated from <see> elements get their text from the
element value if available. (Currently it doesn't read the value and
just uses the full name of the type or member which can be pretty long
and ugly on documentation - I don't know if there is any opinion
against this feature.)

I downloaded a tar and am compiling on my own (is there a reference
command line I could be using to compile?). I am getting a runtime
error however:

Error loading overview.xsl from internal resource
XSLT compile error.
Variable or parameter 'ext' was duplicated within the same scope.

If I comment the ext element out the error doesn't happen, but it
can't be right. Any ideas on what's wrong? Or, since this is pretty
specific, should I mail the devs?



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