[Mono-dev] Patch to fix #ifdef in VS build

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Feb 19 06:56:15 EST 2007

Jonathan Chambers wrote:
> The #ifdef for the dummy_apc function in threads.c is incorrect for VS. I
> think Robert Jordan found this a while ago, but it never got patched. I
> 'refound' the problem after a few hours so I'd like to get this in this
> time.

Oops, I forgot to commit this, sorry :-/

> -#ifdef __MINGW32__
> -static CALLBACK void dummy_apc (ULONG_PTR param)
> +#if  defined (__MINGW32__) || defined (_MSC_VER)
> +static void CALLBACK dummy_apc (ULONG_PTR param)

Since this is a platform feature, I'd rather use #ifdef PLATFORM_WIN32.


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