[Mono-dev] Mono performance benchmark results

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Dec 31 12:43:50 EST 2007

> Well, the point is plastic is being tested running on .NET/Mono (all the 
> clients on mono/Linux, always) and we're improving heavy load behaviour. 
> Right now I can say we're much (much) faster than systems like Subversion 
> (we were already with only one client, but the new version will clearly 
> outperform it with big loads) and even wellknown commercial ones (but 
> unfortunately I can't reveal their names... yet). My point here is plastic 
> is running ON MONO, while the competitors are all implemented in C/C++. So, 
> yes, language performance is important, but real life results aren't always 
> comparable to mandelbrot plots!

We do agree on that count ;-)

It would be a nice blog entry to have.

Microbenchmarks (when comparing apples to apples) are useful ways of
pinpointing limitations here or there.    For instance, the language
shootout at least identified that our Regex implementation could use a
better algorithm


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