[Mono-dev] Mono performance benchmark results

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Sun Dec 30 16:13:55 EST 2007


I've just read Miguel's post about language performance benchmark! 

Well, I have to admit I expected much better results! Although I doubt to 
what extent this results are meangiful at all. I mean: for the last three 
weeks we've been heavily working on performance for the upcoming plastic 2.0 
release (www.plasticscm.com, in case you don't know what I'm talking about). 
We're using a big number of computers (thanks to http://www.infor.uva.es/) 
to stress test a single plastic server and get results out of it. We're 
running the tests using PNUnit (NUnit parallel extension 
pnunit.codicesoftware.com, which I'll be hopefully integrating into the next 
NUnit release thanks to Charlie Poole): they basically consist on "test 
agents" which simulate user actions (command line) and are almost 
independent from each other. Of course they all work against the same 

Well, the point is plastic is being tested running on .NET/Mono (all the 
clients on mono/Linux, always) and we're improving heavy load behaviour. 
Right now I can say we're much (much) faster than systems like Subversion 
(we were already with only one client, but the new version will clearly 
outperform it with big loads) and even wellknown commercial ones (but 
unfortunately I can't reveal their names... yet). My point here is plastic 
is running ON MONO, while the competitors are all implemented in C/C++. So, 
yes, language performance is important, but real life results aren't always 
comparable to mandelbrot plots!



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