[Mono-dev] Build Mono runtime under windows CE 5.0 or higher

Engler, Eric Eric.Engler at zcsterling.com
Mon Dec 17 17:58:53 EST 2007

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>I am interested in building mono runtime under windows CE 5.0 and I
>wonder if someone tried it already ?

You probably already know about the Compact Framework (CF). I think this
requires a PocketPC, and not just CE, but I could be wrong. PocketPC
adds more functionality on top of CE while also increasing the footprint
and decreasing the modularity of the OS. People who use CE normally want
the smaller footprint so most of them aren't demanding the CF.

And the CF has a much smaller amount of functionality than the standard
Framework. A port of Mono to CE would require someone to remove a whole
lot of functionality, and also to refactor the code to work with the
much reduced OS. I seriously doubt if this will happen anytime soon.

However, a port of the Micro Framework to CE would be much easier.
Unfortunately this is still a closed source effort within MS with no
known open source equivalent. MF is good for a lot of deeply embedded
applications. It doesn't have anything like Windows Forms, or ASP.NET,
but it does have enough functionality to meet a lot of needs (even has


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