[Mono-dev] 1.2.6 & Windows.Forms.WebBrowser

Sebastian Good sebastian at palladiumconsulting.com
Fri Dec 14 01:14:13 EST 2007

With great excitement I opened my new copy of Mono 1.2.6 this evening 
(an early Christmas!) and tried out the Windows.Forms.WebBrowser 
functionality. Both my standard sample program (referenced here: 
and the samples available through Mono SVN 
(/winforms/webbrowser/UsingWebBrowser/UsingWebBrowser/) work great under 
.NET in Windows but don't appear to work right under Mono in Windows. In 
particular, the WebBrowser does not appear to initialize or render in 
either, and clicking more than a few buttons on the UsingWebBrowser 
program eventually causes the program to crash.

Is Windows.Forms.WebBrowser support limited to non-Windows platforms, or 
have I simply not found the right documentation?

Many thanks

- Sebastian

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