[Mono-dev] Bug #81924 "On big endian ARM IXP425 system: System.ArgumentException: Size is too big"

Dean Jenkins djenkins at mvista.co.uk
Thu Aug 30 05:28:59 EDT 2007


I have updated bugzilla bug #81924 to include 2 patches.

1st patch fixes the big endian issue in inssel-float.brg that allows JIT
soft floats to be read correctly. This allows the float calculation in
hashtable.cs to no longer assert and therefore, mono no longer crashes.
It is a blocker fix for big endian systems using JIT soft floats.

2nd patch is to fix the configure script (via configure.in) so that no
FPU support for ARM can be selected. This is a Debian fix for ARM.

This is my 1st post, please can someone explain the process of getting
these patches merged to trunk ? I tried reassigning the bug back to
Paolo Molaro, did I do the correct thing ?


MontaVista Software Ltd.

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