[Mono-dev] Bugzilla bug #81063 "[ARM] Hit assertion in inssel-float.brg(CEE_STIND_R4) - remoting, ARM, vfp softfloat"

Dean Jenkins djenkins at mvista.com
Thu Aug 30 05:49:53 EDT 2007


My target board is a big endian IXP420 (XScale) and I'm using mono with
no ARM FPU support, therefore JIT is using soft float.

I'm running some mono tests and some tests fail due to the assert for
CEE_STIND_R4 being reached. There seems to be a float used in
System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary.ObjectReader.ReadValue in
ReadArrayOfPrimitiveType() for case TypeCode.Single and I think that
causes the assertion during JIT compilation.

Can anyone explain why CEE_STIND_R4 has no soft float support but
CEE_STIND_R8 is supported ?

Can anyone offer any solutions or provide some clues for me to fix it ?
I'm wondering whether I can just adapt the CEE_STIND_R8 solution but I'm
worried there is a technical reason why CEE_STIND_R4 has no soft float


MontaVista Software Ltd.

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