[Mono-dev] mono recipe in OpenEmbedded

rpconnect kramtek at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 15:34:49 EDT 2007

Cliff Brake wrote:
> Hello.
> I have committed an initial 1.2.5pre5 openembedded recipe for mono
> that seems to run on ARM EABI.
> http://www.openembedded.org/filebrowser/org.openembedded.dev/packages/mono
Thanks for the latest mono recipe! i've been trying to get mono to run
for motorola e680 and a1200 phones for a several months and just happened to
be testing
1.2.4 w/ openmoko as the oe recipes were being updated, and to my 
plesent supprise the next 'make updatae' brought eabi support - outstanding!

the issue i'm running into however is the actual eabi support, at least with
the latest
kernel builds from oe / openezx.  with kernels built w/o OABI_COMPAT support
throws an illegal instruction error but when i enable this, with either the
options, then my helloworld.exe app works fine.

i'm very new to kernel building and am wondering if there could be another
dependancy i'm not
seeing.  am i correct in assuming that mono built w/ eabi support should not
oabi compatibility, or am i misunderstanding somthing? (or perhaps just
doing something wrong)

also, i don't have a neo1973 yet, but i thought there was mention of getting
mono working
on an xscale processor with eabi support, can anyone out there with such
experience elaborate 
on their details? (what device?)

thanks again for the recipe and i'm looking forward to doing what i can to
help out... eventually
i'd like to contribute to getting libgdiplus supported (i have some
primitave bb recipes) as well
as bluetooth connectivity, something like wrappers around bluez
functionality with an API 
similar to the those from http://inthehand.com/content/32feet.aspx.

many, many thanks again!!


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