[Mono-dev] IKVM.NET and JDBC and Banshee on Windows and MD on Win

Jeroen Frijters jeroen at sumatra.nl
Fri Aug 3 05:37:42 EDT 2007

Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Has anyone tried connecting to a database using JDBC on top of IKVM.NET
> yet?  I'm interested in using Oracle's JDBC Thin driver to connect to
> an Oracle database using IKVM.NET on top of Mono?  Is this possible?
> It would be neat if someone wrote a third-party add-on to IKVM.NET to
> map JDBC interfaces to System.Data interfaces and/or abstract classes.

In case anyone is interested in this, Mainsoft has already done the bulk of the work of writing a System.Data provider for JDBC and they've sent me their code (under an open source license) a long time ago. I never got around to doing the work myself (too busy working on IKVM itself), but if anyone is interested I can send them the code.


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