[Mono-dev] IKVM.NET and JDBC and Banshee on Windows and MD on Win

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 12:22:47 EDT 2007

This is just my response to monoloque entries.  


Has anyone tried connecting to a database using JDBC
on top of IKVM.NET yet?  I'm interested in using
Oracle's JDBC Thin driver to connect to an Oracle
database using IKVM.NET on top of Mono?  Is this
possible?  It would be neat if someone wrote a
third-party add-on to IKVM.NET to map JDBC interfaces
to System.Data interfaces and/or abstract classes.

Banshee on Windows.

The Mono Windows Installer includes in libgnomevfs
You should also be able to find them on the
http://ftp.gnome.org as well.

What version of gtk+ and gnomevfs are you trying to
use?   What version of Mono and gtk#?

MonoDevelop on Windows.

Since you got Banshee running on Windows, will you
consider porting MonoDevelop once you got Banshee

Database tools for Mono and Gtk#.

I really wish someone would create some good database
tools for Mono and Gtk# or pick up where MonoQuery or
sqlsharpgtk left off.  Any takers?  I just request to
try to make these tools cross-platform: Windows,
Linux, Solaris, MacOS, etc...

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