[Mono-dev] XmlTextReader.cs patch (IBM bug workaround)

Eyal Alaluf eyala at mainsoft.com
Thu Apr 19 06:05:37 EDT 2007

Hi, Miguel.

We tested the patch on the attached testcase and saw a degradation of
The results were:
   Before the change (ticks, 2 runs):
   After the change:
Clearly Mono doesn't inline this change but on the other hand the impact
is not significant in the tested scenario.
As for the IBM bug we have a Java test case and the minimal scenario we
see is tricky enough to believe that it will happen rarely.
Do you think it is reasonable to commit the patch despite the slight
degradation in performance?


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Hello Sasha,

> Alternativelly, we could wrap the patch in "#if TARGET_JVM", but since
> there're numerous places in the code where it should be applied, this
> approach would dirty the code too much. 

We need to review if this will have a performance impact on Mono (see if
Mono is able to inline this).

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