[Mono-dev] Weekly Mono Tools of the Trade Tip.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Apr 18 21:14:08 EDT 2007


    Today in "Weekly Mono Tip", I wanted to remind all of our software
developers of a cute little feature in the Mono runtime.   This feature
is a year old, but even the most seasoned developers in the Monoverse do
not know about it.

    If you have a stuck application, or you are wondering "What exactly
is my application doing, right about now?" you can send the application
the QUIT signal.

    To do this, you issue this command from the shell:

	kill -QUIT pid

    Where pid is the process id for the Mono process that you want to
examine.    Mono will dump a stack trace for each one of the threads in
the process to the process standard output.

    We expect to see you on this channel next week for another
installment of "Mono Tools of the Trade"


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