[Mono-dev] bug in xsd.exe

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Sep 12 12:56:43 EDT 2006

El mar, 12-09-2006 a las 05:38 -0700, L.G. Meredith escribió:
> Lluis,
> Thanks for the response. The schema validates against the W3C schema
> schema using Oxygen. i haven't had the chance, yet to validate it
> using any other validation tool. Does xsd.exe on mono not support all
> valid schema? 

It does not. Not everything that can be defined using XML schema can be
defined using classes and attributes.

> What are the limitations? 

I don't have a list of limitations. Notice that the limitations are not
in the XSD tool, but in the set of attributes defined in
System.Xml.Serialization. Those attributes allow you to specify how
class members have to be serialized. They perform the class to schema
mapping. But they are not expressive enough to support all possible
schema constructs.


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