[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Use recursive AscW in VB runtime (2)

Rafael Mizrahi rafim at mainsoft.com
Tue Sep 12 05:37:53 EDT 2006


I don't understand your patch, you are calling AscW within AscW function.
Isn't it will generate a StackOverflow exception ?

         Public Function AscW(ByVal c As Char) As Integer
-            Return Convert.ToInt32(c)
+            ' Compiled as if it were "Return CInt(c)" when /novbruntimeref is used
+            Return AscW(c)
         End Function


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/novbruntimeref treats AscW specially as it is compiled as if it were CInt
(no AscW method is called).

Now vbnc has support for this as well and a dedicated test case ensures this 

Please review and approve the patch.


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