[Mono-dev] Upgrade dependencies for VS build

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Sat Oct 21 18:12:22 EDT 2006

On 10/18/06 Jon Chambers wrote:
> Also, per the thread above regarding c runtimes, is there a plan to use
> eglib as default on windows at some point in the future?

eglib (when finished and tested) can be used in very specific setups, ie
not as a general-purpouse mono install, because in that case it will
clash with the system glib library and any library that uses it, like
Gtk#. The very specific setups could be:
*) mono built for an embedded system with no system glib
*) mono built for use with static mkbundle for an app that is designed
to never use the system glib or libs dependening on it

For mono 2.0 (when we can break the API and ABI a little) we will
take eglib, rename all the types, macros and functions to have mono_
prefixes and use it in place of the existing glib calls.
This way, there won't be any clash possible with the system glib
(and mono itself won't use it anymore, so glib won't be a build or
runtime dependency).

So, to answer your question: no, eglib can't be used as the default on
windows, but its code will be the base to drop the glib dependency from
mono 2.0.


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