[Mono-dev] Upgrade dependencies for VS build

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Wed Oct 18 11:22:42 EDT 2006

The impression I got was that in the long run, the hope is to do mono
using eglib only, but that is still a bit far out.  This is what I have
gleaned from the docs in eglib, the reasons state would be that once
eglib is stable and working everywhere, it would allow for making
changes in the api that would be more mono-specifc in eglib, that you
could not do in glib.  It looks from recent commits that they are about
90% of the way there for mono to at least build against eglib (maybe run
as well) on linux.  I would bet that the changes necessary to get eglib
building on cygwin are probably minimal, mingw, a bit more (to use
appropriate windows api's), and msvc, still a bit more (mostly removing
gccisms such as it not liking the ... format in macros).  I would be
happy to work with you on this.  Can anyone from the team working on
eglib comment more on current status, and the process they would like to
see on this.







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Two quick questions. I'm planning on making some changes required for
eglib to build on Windows (via cygwin and VS). The long term goal of
this would be so I can get mono to build on Win64, and I think porting
eglib will be easier than glib (someone correct me if I am wrong). Is it
better for mono to use glib functions on windows, and put the windows
specific stuff in eglib, or should the windows specific calls be put in
both eglib and mono? 

Also, per the thread above regarding c runtimes, is there a plan to use
eglib as default on windows at some point in the future?


On 9/15/06, Jon Chambers <joncham at gmail.com> wrote:

Sorry, you are correct. It seems that glib is currently being built with
VS 6. I guess more investigation could be done, but if eglib could be
made to work it would be much easier IMO. I had made a modification or
two previously to get it to build in cygwin, but haven't tried in VS. 

- Jonathan

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