[Mono-dev] Fwd: Tests for System.Data.OracleClient

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Oct 17 10:10:33 EDT 2006


> Could you explain to me why sometimes JVM specific code is included
> through TARGET_JVM and sometimes it is placed in separate files? In
> OracleClient this seems to cause some functionality to work only in
> JVM, while sharing the code would bring fixes to other profiles. Would
> such a merge be possible? And if yes, what would be the caveats?

If the changes are small, compared to the overall file, we use the
define.  If they are large, we use the separate file.

We could use partial classes, but it depends on whether Mainsoft has
already upgraded their build setup to C# 2, and that would help clean up
a *lot* of the JVM defines.

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