[Mono-dev] System.dll few patches for review

Andrew Skiba andrews at mainsoft.com
Tue Oct 3 13:28:17 EDT 2006

Hello Sebastien,

> > Part of them is needed to omit TARGET_JVM, so code will be common.
> There are no TARGET_JVM in the two files.

As I said, these changes are needed to omit TARGET_JVM.

> > * DigestClient.patch - use MD5.Create instead of 
> HashAlgorithm.Create
> > ("MD5")
> This is ok in the sense that it will result in the exact same 
> thing. So the question is: Is that change required ? if so, 
> can you say why (and include the rational in the ChangeLog).

After futher investigation, I see that this old limitation in
Grasshopper is gone, so this patch is not necessary anymore.

> > * X509CertificateCollection.patch - remove unnecessary overload
> If this doesn't cause any error with the class library status 
> pages then remove (don't comment) it. The comment itself can 
> be put in the ChangeLog.

According to MSDN X509CertificateCollection does not implement
IEnumerable privately. Actually, that means that the patch should look
like in the new attachment.

What do you mean by class library status pages? I could run make
run-test after this patch applied, and it gave same number of errors
before and after the patch. Is that enough?

Thank you.
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