[Mono-dev] Question about OpenOffice and Mono

pablosantosluac pablosantosluac at terra.es
Sun Nov 19 03:13:59 EST 2006

Ok, I will wait for some more info.

BTW, (off-topic), do you have the SLED image with Plastic running on it? If 
so we will start sending some possible problems.


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> Hello,
>> Well, I saw one slide talking about Mono/Open Office interoperability... 
>> We
>> need to develop something on top of OpenOffice, being able to manipulate
>> documents and draw on top of them, and we wonder if this could be 
>> possible
>> with Mono/OpenOffice. Is there any documentation available? Somebody
>> experienced on that?
> There are a few factors:
>        * Mono/OpenOffice integration used to work on a specific version
>        of
>          OpenOffice and Mono.
>          We are currently investigating what made it stop working, and
>        we
>          do not know what it is.
>        * Documentation was not available the last time I checked, but
>        it
>          might just be the standard UNO documentation that is part of
>          OpenOffice.
>          Worst case scenario, you can use a combination of the sample
>          programs that come with OpenOffice/Mono (maybe Michael can
>          put this up in a web site reachable by us) and the `monop'
>        tool.
> Miguel. 

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