[Mono-dev] Question about OpenOffice and Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sat Nov 18 10:31:47 EST 2006


> Well, I saw one slide talking about Mono/Open Office interoperability... We 
> need to develop something on top of OpenOffice, being able to manipulate 
> documents and draw on top of them, and we wonder if this could be possible 
> with Mono/OpenOffice. Is there any documentation available? Somebody 
> experienced on that?

There are a few factors:

        * Mono/OpenOffice integration used to work on a specific version
          OpenOffice and Mono.
          We are currently investigating what made it stop working, and
          do not know what it is.
        * Documentation was not available the last time I checked, but
          might just be the standard UNO documentation that is part of  
          Worst case scenario, you can use a combination of the sample 
          programs that come with OpenOffice/Mono (maybe Michael can
          put this up in a web site reachable by us) and the `monop'

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