[Mono-dev] ASP.NET 2.0 with apache

Thiago Alves thiago1982 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 07:20:57 EST 2006

Thanks, Joe!
Obrigado, Rafael!

Joe, after carefully following your tutorial I able to do it. It wasn't that
hard. =)

What I have to say, though, is that we should have a kind of tutorial like
yours in the mono-project website. In mono-project.com you can find
information about installing mono, xsp and mod_mono, but I couldn't find a
quickstart page describing the whole process, such as your tutorial. Since I
couldn't find such a page in mono's website, I had to search for it, which
took me many hours, mainly because the information available on the web is
somewhat confusing and inconsistent. That's my personal opinion.

If I have to install an ASP.NET 2 enviroment again, it will be much easier
now, but I think that the easier the installation for the newbies, the more
adoption mono will have, which is a good thing.

I've written a small shell script for installing mono, xsp and mod-mono
installation and configuration. If you want to take a look, please let me

In addition, I'm starting the development of an open source Project
Management tool in mono/C#, based on PMI standards. I'll give you more
information asap.

Thanks again for your help!

Warm Regards,
Thiago Alves
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