[Mono-dev] ASP.NET 2.0 with apache

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 13:15:09 EST 2006

Olá Tiago,

Yes it is possible, but ASP.NET 2.0 support is still under development
in Mono, so you may stumble on unimplemented features.

Bons desenvolvimentos,

On 11/17/06, Thiago Alves <thiago1982 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Two weeks ago I installed mono 1.1 because I wanted to host ASP.NET 2.0 in
> my linux machine. I was able to run an ASP.NET 2.0 using xsp2, but I had
> problems trying to use mod_mono (it only worked for ASP.NET 1.0 projects).
> After lots of Googling I decided to get the latest releases of apache, mono,
> xsp and mod_mono.
> Now I have no problem setting apache to run ASP.NET through mod_mono and
> mod-mono-server.exe, but I still have only ASP.NET 1.0. After some search I
> realized that there is a "mod-mono-server2.exe" which runs ASP.NET 2.0, but
> I simply can't find it anywhere!
> Is it possible to host 2.0 pages using apache instead of xsp2? What should I
> do?
> Thanks in advance!
> Thiago Alves
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